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Let the Fantasy become the RealityIntroducing Mistress Vivienne Masters


Do You Fancy A New Experience?

My name is Vivienne Masters. I am your complete fantasy fulfilled. My lovely long locks, natural feminine curves and seductive eyes complete the look of a Neo-Modern Woman. 


I specialize in Sensual Massage with light Bondage~ Bondassage®.  All sessions begin with a brief introduction so expectation, limitations and boundaries can be understood and respected.


 Bondassage is a state-of-the-art sequence combining Sensual Massage, Bondage, and Sensation Play. Enter a magical portal where you surrender to blissful sensory exploration and elevation. It is the next level of personal massage. Experience touch like never before, luxuriously restrained and bound to My table. Don’t worry about whether I meant for that to happen … of course I did. I’m refining and redefining your concept of pleasure.


I do what I please to you. Your sole responsibility is to receive. In My sessions I find it amusing and arousing to utilize all sorts of unimaginable things to awaken your senses and keep you at the height of bliss. Submit to My touch, and other delicious tools of sensory play, in an atmosphere both acutely intense yet profoundly intimate.


A professionally trained Practitioner of Bondassage, I am playful, creative and demanding. I’ve been using My innate gifts for as long as I can remember. A naturally sexy passionate woman who lives in the moment, I enjoy pushing boundaries. I expect to be worshiped and adored. Good servants know that if they fall to their knees they will be rewarded. It goes without saying that bad ones will be punished.


This is anything but grey…

Lessons from the Mistress


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Do your Homework

  Code of Conduct

1. Im in charge. Your Bondassage session is a one of a kind, sensual experience that is best enjoyed by allowing your Mistress to take the lead. Have your donation ready after the intake and simply allow Me to get you acquainted with your very own unique experience. I will set the mood and take control of your fantasy.

2. Impeccable hygiene is expected. Your fantasy session with Me is one of intense sensual occasion. Optimal hygiene ensures that the focus be on your sensual fantasy experience, so do take care to be freshly cleansed before your special time with your Mistress. Showers are available for before and after.

3. Respect and politeness will get you far. Be considerate of your Mistress. I will let you know what is okay in terms of your private session. Be respectful and allow Me to gently guide you through your personalized fantasy experience. 

4. Mistress Vivienne Masters is not an escort. Your experience with Me is one of sensuality, fantasy and indulging your senses. Please do understand that I will not honor requests for sexual intercourse, do not ask.

5. Good boys get rewarded. I provide a new experience each and every time. I want you to advance in your sessions with Me. Always adhere to my Code of Conduct and you get to experience My exclusive advanced sessions in the future as you advance in your fantasy.

Good. You’ve satisfied your Mistress by “Doing Your Homework”

Choose Your Fantasy

Choose your personalized private encounter with Mistress Vivienne Masters

Refer to Do Your Homework before you choose 

Every session is different & never, ever the same.

Your Fantasy begins with a call. Select your Fantasy below. 




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  • 90 Minutes90 tantalizing minutes
  • $450per session
    • Out Calls to your location, please add
    • South Beach, Downtown, Brickell + $100
    • Fort Lauderdale + $150
    • Boca Raton + $200

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  • 2 Hour BlissGet Lost in the Fantasy with your Mistress
  • $600per session
    • Out Calls to your location, please add
    • South Beach, Downtown, Brickell +$100
    • Fort Lauderdale +$150
    • Boca Raton + $200

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  • 3 Hour FantasyExperience the Ultimate Fantasy
  • $1000per session
    • Out Calls to your location, please add
    • South Beach, Downtown, Brickell + $100
    • Fort Lauderdale +$150
    • Boca Raton + $200

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